Plasma/Serum Components

Plasma/Serum Components

Drug development and drug discoveries is an integrated branch of pharmacokinetics demanding preclinical research on cell-based and animal models; paving the way for new therapeutics modules. Today, many preclinical research domains depend upon cell-based in vitro assays requiring either primary cells/cell-based models or subcellular fractions isolated from various species to analyze drug metabolic activities. Subcellular fractions like S9, cytosol, and microsomes obtained from tissues of different animals of choice can be used as a suitable test system to understand drug development metabolic pathways. These subcellular fractions are helpful to researchers in predicting the hepatic and extrahepatic metabolism of drug compounds to understand their absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion profile.

Out of many subcellular fractions used regularly in a preclinical research setting, microsomes contain a cocktail of most enzymes involved in drug metabolism, including transporter enzymes like cytochrome P450. At the same time, S9 fractions are a mix of cytosolic and microsomal enzymes, mostly expressing a number of phases I and phase II enzymes. Due to its unique composition, S9 subcellular fractions are highly used in many drugs metabolic studies and pharmacokinetic studies. Last but not the least, the cytosolic fraction is a unique blend of drug-metabolizing enzymes; hence, is highly recommended as a suitable test system for many studies involving the assessment of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics.

Thus, we offer various subcellular fractions and supportive products like plasma and serum components from different species; in order to accelerate the preclinical research. Choose from our wide portfolio and if you can’t find what you looking for; please do not hesitate to fill out the contact form and we will get back to you immediately.

If you are seeking subcellular fractions from any particular tox species, you have reached the right place. We also offer pooled/single donor fractions of S9, microsomes, and cytosols from non-human primates like monkeys, dogs, etc.

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