Cell Based Manufacturing Platforms

Cell Based Manufacturing Platforms

With our years of expertise and experience, we have streamlined different platforms to streamline cell therapy manufacturing at a large scale with higher efficiency and scalability. We have standardized these manufacturing platforms with completely automated, flexible, and reliable manufacturing processes. These turnkey solutions are integrated into our processes.

We are relentless in our pursuit to help you advance your products. With our years of service, our valuable clients are happy in receiving complete regulatory support, training courses, and a range of service levels to meet our client’s unique demands. Our platform is designed with complete flexibility to meet our client’s specific demands. We can also suggest customized manufacturing protocols.

Some of the recent development in this field include for example
  • The cell-based production of mesenchymal stem cells for therapeutic applications
  • The priming of patient-specific immune cells that are co-cultured with engineered cell lines.
  • Various types of cell lines are employed in the production of scaffolds.

We are routinely achieving some of the challenging goals faced by different clinicians, researchers, and scientists; which will further help them to speed up the process. We are also establishing customized primary cells isolated from different tissues of human and animal species. These customized cells often display a profound difference from the traditionally available products. We are also producing customized growth media that are required for optimum growth and viability of the media. These media are recommended over traditionally available media.

With the advanced system using human skin equivalents/models for dermal drug/cosmetic screening; the efficacy and safety of the product can be tested in a cruelty-free way. We help in creating in-vitro skin models by offering primary keratinocytes that can be grown on any suitable scaffold for the generation of 3D skin models.


As explained, today primary cells are widely used in various in vitro applications to promote cruelty-free research modules. Kosheeka supports the idea of cruelty-free research by offering a wide range of primary cells for different applications mentioned herewith:

Skin is the largest and the most accessible organ of our body, consisting of two layers epidermis and dermis; beneath which lies hypodermis or subcutaneous fatty tissues. Acting as a barrier system, the skin tissue plays a significant role in regulating physiology, accomplished with the help of an extensive network of nerve cells. This makes the skin a good entry platform for drug delivery. Due to this, pharmaceutical companies are seeking suitable methods to screen drug formulations for various skin disorders including skin irritation, skin corrosion, psoriasis, as well as wound healing through percutaneous absorption. Apart from the pharmaceutical industry, some cosmeceutical companies are also interested in working on various new formulations and screening them on different skin tissues from different continents to analyze their effect on screen and evaluate the safety as well as the efficacy of the product.

Today, exosomes are identified to be at the forefront of the movement toward using the body’s own healing ability to reduce inflammation and early aging. While research is still ongoing with more and more development, the use of MSC-derived exosomes as an intravenous injectable for various cosmetic procedures like hair loss, wound healing, vitiligo, vaginal rejuvenation, etc. is acknowledged more for effective therapeutic benefits.

Cosmetic industries are also using exosomes derived from mesenchymal stem cells as active ingredients in their skin and hair formulations; due to their anti-aging benefits.

经验丰富的专家和综合techniques in the isolation of exosomes from mesenchymal stem cells, Kosheeka is happy to provide efficient and high-quality exosomes isolated from different tissue sources, including mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical cord tissue, bone marrow, and adipose tissue, etc. to satisfy increasing demands of exosomes for various research, manufacturing, and therapeutic applications. If you have any special needs or questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you in the future.

The drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics is essentially a core discipline of a drug development process. The effectiveness and safety of the drug is ensured by absorption, metabolism, distribution and excretion of drug on different tissues. Also analysis of different metabolic processes, post exposure of drugs help researchers to predict the bioactivity as well as bioavailability

在制药行业,毒理学钉ies to test the safety and feasibility of drugs are of prime importance and critical step; required for the successful launch of a new drug. These studies aim to evaluate the adverse effects of a particular formulation (In case, if any) like cancerous growth, acute cardiological symptoms, acute live toxicity, etc. Conventionally, toxicity analysis was mainly done at the pre-clinical stage on a particular group of animals. Later with technological advancements and the ease of isolating primary cells directly from the tissue, primary cells obtained from physiologically relevant tissue sources are commonly used during drug development.

During the process of drug development, the role of primary cells has been critically acknowledged to evaluate the incidence of toxicity. Many relevant studies have confirmed that humans and animals have different cellular physiology; further confirming how different drugs follow metabolically different pathways. To understand the complexity of human cellular metabolism in a better manner, different 3D models and organ-on chip models can be readily created using similar primary cells that can mimic humans and find ways to modify the drug to eliminate its toxicity potential.

We are a GMP-compliant facility based in Noida, UP, India with a huge production capacity. Since the time of our inception in the year 2013, we are working on different domains related to biotechnology like the mass-scale production of stem cells for therapeutic applications, the production, and maintenance of various primary cells, depending upon the client’s demands, etc. And to harness these primary cells with their targeted functionality, it is important to know that the one-size-fits all medium is not sufficient. Therefore, we are here to offer you range of medium along with multiple growth factors that are required for optimum cellular growth and perfect metabolism. Thus, the purpose of these range of versatile media is to maximize the productivity with respect to desirable cellular traits.

These range of media and growth supplements comes off-the-shelf as ready to use standard products. However, our culture system is fully customizable, depending upon the client’s requirements.

我们还提供一系列的无血清补充剂,required for optimum growth, support and easy transportation of primary cells across the boundaries. Please refer to Kosheeka’s media and reagent specification guide for understanding our range of products. Our stringent quality control procedures maintain product specifications that are comparable to various sensitive reference compounds, further ensuring adherence to specifications and batch to batch consistency.

Our ISO 9001:2015 and GMP certification ensures the reliability and quality implementation during product manufacturing, under strict regulatory environment.

Our team is comprised of well-experienced scientists and administrative assistants and is dedicated to giving 100% assistance to all our clients for all their queries. Our clients have acknowledged our service’s reliability, product quality, and competitive pricing. To know more about our products and services, please feel free to contact us.

Contact us via email atinfo@必威体育客户端网站www.nekotozakka.comor call +91-9654321400 to let us know your requirements. We’ll be more than happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Custom Solutions

The best product is the one that’s tailored to your needs. We own our entire manufacturing process, so we can create customized products for clients in a huge range of markets worldwide.